Celebrate Orgullo: Olga Tañón Cancels Latin Pride Appearance

Miami Beach is going to be crawling with loud, feisty, LGBT this Saturday for Orgullo, the first ever Hispanic LGBT pride event. Organizers put together a saucy line up of Hispanic entertainers, including Jose (from Minuto de Fama), Adora & Teddy Behr, Marytrini, Mariloly, and Shanay Bright. Unfortunately, multi Grammy Award winner Olga Tañon, who had been scheduled to headline the show, canceled.

"Much to our dismay, we had to terminate Olga Tañón's participation in Celebrate Orgullo. The reason is a very personal one and has nothing to do with the event, the Hispanic and/or LGBT community, or the South Florida community. Tañón has always publicly supported the Hispanic and LGBT communities throughout her career," said Olga's manager Denizard Billy in a published statement.

Even so, the show will go on. We caught up with Josue Santiago, one of the founders and organizers of the event.

New Times: If there is already a Miami Beach Pride, why the need for Orgullo?

Josue Santiago: The Hispanic culture is integral in the South Florida

community. Our culture is rich and diverse, and it is the spice the

punches up the flavor of the community. From our experience at the

successful Miami Beach Pride, we noticed that, like the make-up of the

mainstream community, a significant portion of attendees were Hispanic

and most were interested in those things that they could identify with.

Also, we felt the need to recognize members of the our community that

have supported the Hispanic LGBT community and to achieve this, we've

named Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower as our honorary Orgullo Queen and we

will be honoring officer Juan Sanchez. Overall, that is why we came

together to produce an event exclusively for the Hispanic community.

How did the event come about?

Aside from what I answered above, Ivan Cano, general manager of the

Palace Bar in South Beach, brought together the initial team comprised

of local community leaders a few months ago to execute on the concept

rather quickly. The members then each brought in other

community-oriented volunteers and divided the responsibilities to get it

all done.

Can you tell us some of the things people can expect when they attend?

At the end of the day, it's all about coming together and celebrating

the contributions of the Hispanic community. People can expect to have

good food, great drinks, and an excellent time in beautiful Miami

Beach. We have an excellent line-up on our stages that will showcase

talent of all walks from the Hispanic community, from local to

international levels.

Who do you hope attends Orgullo? Who would you like to reach?

We hope that everyone from all walks of life attend Orgullo. We're

working hard to create a family atmosphere that Hispanics and those who

love them, can appreciate and enjoy.

Move those hips this Saturday at Lummus Park on 12th Street and Ocean

Drive from noon to 6 p.m. The event is free. Visit


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