CBS4 Reporter Gives Our "Coffins 4 Cheap" Story the Perfect-Hair Treatment

On September 22, Riptide reported on the Funeral Store, a no-frills North Miami coffin emporium offering, via a big sign on the side of its building, "Caskets-4-Less." A week later, CBS4 ran a "4 Your Money" segment -- which can be viewed here -- about the same store. We haven't received our royalty check yet, but we're sure it's in the mail.

Anchor/reporter Jorge Estevez doesn't exactly approach the Funeral Store, or its owner Vincent Brown, with cynicism. "It's about supply and demand!" Estevez exclaims. "And that's how [Brown is] able to pass along the savings to families and close the deal!"

To illustrate the point, a coffin lid closes on the camera inside.

Estevez doesn't mention you'll still have to go to a conventional mortuary after buying a casket. He also fails to warn that some industry watchdogs insist that discount coffin shops often end up costing customers more than going to a traditional mortuary. But damn, does his hair look good.

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