CBS Sets Miami Medical Premiere for April

We've never been big fans of CSI: Miami, so we're not exactly awaiting the premiere of Miami Medical. It's brought to us by the same network (CBS) and same mega-producer (Jerry Bruckheimer), and like most shows it's not actually being filmed here.

The preview trailer is above, and we doubt this conversation would actually happen here:

Pretty lady doctor: You know in Cuba they call those huevos.
Chris: Huevos?
Pretty lady doctor: You've got some balls, Chris.

Even white folk know what huevos are here. At the very least, someone's probably yelled it at them in traffic.

The show is set to premier as a mid-season replacement on Fridays at 10 p.m. starting on April 2. That's the same night NBC airs Trauma, which is perhaps why the show has had it's name change from the original Miami Trauma.

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