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The Heat Haters have had their Christmas come early this year with all the drama and turmoil slamming the Miami Heat the last few weeks. They’ve stumbled out of the gate, lost their heart and soul player Udonis Haslem for most of the year, and are losing games to the lowly Grizzlies and Pacers. The latest episode of schadenfreude comes in the form of LeBron James bumping into head coach Erik Spoelstra. A frustrated Spoelstra called a time-out during a game against the Mavericks when Dallas went on an 11-0 run against Miami a couple of weeks ago. James seemed to ram his shoulder into Spoelstra’s as the players headed to the bench. Video of the bump soon hit YouTube and quickly went viral. Soon other versions of the video emerged, some with the footage playing on a loop in slow motion, others comparing it to another bumping incident between James and his former Cleveland head coach Mike Brown when LeBron played for him. You can expect the Warren Commission to eventually confiscate the video to examine it and then turn in an official report. We all knew this team would turn into a circus when LeBron said he was bringing his talents to South Beach. But we were expecting something more akin to Cirque du Soleil and than a Barnum & Bailey freak show. LeBron and the drama-filled Heat host his ex-mates, the Cleveland Cavaliers this Wednesday at the American Airlines Arena.
Wed., Dec. 15, 7:30 p.m., 2010
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Chris Joseph

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