Casa de Haha Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary In Late-Night Style

Last night at Sweat Records in Little Haiti, Casa de Ha-Ha celebrated its four-year anniversary with a rollicking, side-splitting, original event. The monthly stand-up comedy forum successfully transformed itself into a late night talk show, with dynamic and all-around funnyman Daniel Reskin playing host a la Jimmy Fallon.

Reskin, dressed in an oversized suit, treated the standing-room only crowd to a motley of hilarious segues, interviews, and videos . The videos were both original and genuinely funny, particularly Food Laser, a behind-the-scenes mockumentary of a corporate sponsorship gone wrong.

Miami favorites Afrobeta (Cuci Amador and Tony Smurfio) provided the beats, playing The Roots to Reskin's Fallon. (Tony's afro is way better than Questlove's, in our opinion.)

Late-night guests included Otto van Schirach, with the hilarious Mr. Feathers, who were promoting their latest video, Salpica.

Local comedienne Jessica Gross played Dr. Penelope Savage, an over-the-top, I-just-want-to-have-a-baby zoologist, ala Joan Embrey from the old Tonight Show. Offbeat sidekick Matt Z kicked in as an able compliment to Reskin's witticisms. And the always funny Kirkland Meadows treated the crowd to some great stand-up.

Comedians Drew Spears and Adrian Mesa, two locals who have migrated elsewhere, checked in with great video birthday wishes. Though there were a few awkward moments in the un-scripted melee, the event was a smashing success overall, further illustrating how much fun can be had in the 305 for free on a weekday.

Don't miss the next installment of Casa de Ha-Ha at Sweat Records, every second Tuesday of the month. For more local comedy, check out Mustache Ride, hosted by Irene Morales, at Lester's tonight.

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J.J. Colagrande
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