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Casa de Ha-Ha Comedian Daniel Reskin Launching Podcast

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Daniel Reskin, the Miami-born server-by-day, comic-by-night (we're sure he's a trained ninja somewhere in between there) just announced he's releasing his own podcast. 

Because New Times boasts the speediest reporting known to mankind, we got in contact with Reskin as soon as we saw his tweet about the podcast project ... only to be turned down like a high school kid looking for a prom date. "Yeah... I'm waiting tables right now, so...." he said. 

Still we persisted, because we are the best, and we got in touch with Reskin later to give you the details on his new virtual video and audio laugh show.

Update: The podcast is live. (1/23/12)

New Times: Why a podcast?

Daniel Reskin: Podcasting Casa de Ha-ha is a perfect way to share the fun of the show with a wider audience (and lazy Miamians) along with insight into Miami's comic scene. It centers on stand-up highlights from the show, spiced with interviews, bits, and comedy talk. Casa is in its fourth year now -- that's ages down here. We've had so many fantastic shows, though not many were recorded. These days, a phenomenal show not somehow preserved seems bittersweet, doomed to live on only as crummy memories... like dead people before photography. 

Will it be a monthly podcast?
Yes, at least. There's so much in the live show every month that we can break it into a few episodes. Plus, there will be bonus episodes. It's a relaxed, creatively free format, just like Casa. 

Do you have anyone else involved with it?
My comic comrade, Adrian Mesa, is co-hosting when available, but any comedians involved with the live show are also subject for interviews and general fun.
Update: Reskin later added, "The exuberantly effervescent Adrian Mesa is ... a respected Miami headliner with 20 years under his belt, to my beltless five years. We're both wordsmiths and have a comedic chemistry that translates well to a podcast. The first episode features an interview inspired by the show with comics Forrest Shaw and Lisa Corrao about comedic integrity, parallel thinking, and topless vacuuming. Casa regulars like Jay Mays, Matt Z, and any comedians involved with the live show are subject for interviews and general fun."

How soon do you plan to launch?
So soon. Within one fully-fingered hand's countable number of days. 

Any future Casa de Ha-ha events coming up?
V-Day, February 14. It landed on the second Tuesday of the month and we shall not budge for commercialized love vomit. 

For those who are just hearing of you for the first time, how would you describe your sense of comedy?
I have a natural tendency to connect dots and see things that are out of place. These skills would've made me an asshole critic if it wasn't for empathy. So before I knew it, I figured out the best way to address these imbalances is to coat them with laugh batter and clog people's arteries with joy. 

Would you like to give a few thoughts on comedy in Miami?
[It's] geographically isolated and hasn't been known for exceptional comics or audiences, but there is real talent here and a growing appreciation for it. Unlike big comedy cities, there's so much open turf that it leads to a wild west mentality where it's easy to do your own thing and lots of it. This can be a wonderful or terrible thing -- so, if you catch a bad show somewhere, a good one could be right around the corner (and 20 minutes on the highway). 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.