Carey Mulligan To Star in Sexy Miami Thriller I Walk with the Dead

You know how the skin's pores open up in the extreme humidity, like in saunas. Well that must be where all the sex is coming from in Miami. Because it's literally pouring out of the city. Need proof? Check out our sex survey. Or, just look toward Hollywood.

We produce porn stars like mangos and Tinsel Town scribes know that if they are going to pen a screenplay heavy on the heavy breathing, they better make the setting the Magic Clitty, er city, sorry. There's Lust, writer Joe Eszterhas' (of Basic Instinct fame) latest which will be set in Miami. And now we hear that one of Hollywood's hottest directors Nicolas Winding Refn (forgive the spelling of his name, he's Danish!) will cast another up and coming star Carey Mulligan as the lead in a movie rife with fornication and set in Miami.

Way back in 2009 Refn told the Playlist about

the movie and its focus on Miami sex. But let's be honest, nobody was

paying attention to this Danish meatball back then. But now he's got

some flicks in his back pocket (including Valhalla Rising) and some

others destined for big things (Drive, with Ryan Gosling). So we're

paying attention now.

This is what he had to say about the movie back then:

"I've always wanted to make a movie with lots of sex. So I wrote this story

called I Walk With The Dead and it takes place in Miami and it's just

going to have a lot of sex in it.

What can we say, we're sold. Any movie with necrophilia is worth

watching. Just kidding, there's none of that in the movie, that we know

of. But add a vixen like Mulligan to the mix and, well, we're having a

party in our pants right now.

Mulligan just wrapped up working with Refn in the upcoming Drive, also starring The Notebook heartthrob

Gosling. She's definitely got acting and temptress chops, both of which

were on display in the movie that pocket rocketed her to fame,  An Education. Put

all these elements together and it makes for another hot and heavy

cinematic experience in Miami, even with the A/C kicking in the


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