Call for Artists: Biscayne Park Seeks Nature-Inspired Pieces

The Village of Biscayne Park is seeking artists from across Florida to participate in its “Art is in Our Nature” outdoor sculpture competition. Situated between North Miami and Miami Shores, the municipality is no stranger to public art with three different sculptures scattered throughout its grounds, and a mural of birds in front of the village's community center. 

Amy Raymond, public art advisory board member, says the village would love to add two or three more sculptures that relate to the environment and natural world. The art will be placed inside the park, which is known to be a bird sanctuary and hub for wildlife. As Raymond puts it, the art "should become a part of [the surrounding] nature."

She goes on to add, "There's just a magic in this place. The whole park is canopied and just really beautiful. And art goes beyond nature. You see art in nature, but art and our imagination can go beyond it." Raymond believes there's a lot of talent inside this small Miami-Dade village, which services an area of about .69 square miles with a population of 3,140. But, she hopes to attract artists from across Florida, too, leading the board to open the call state-wide.

"We have a number of artists in Biscayne Park," she says. "But I really want to try and tap into new and old artists. There are so many students across the state and I thought maybe they'd want a chance at this."

Interested artists must be a Florida resident and pay a $30 submission fee. There will be between one and three winners selected, all of which will win a cash prize. Possible locations for the chosen outdoor sculptures include village hall, the Ed Burke Recreation Center, and “sculpture park” on the main thoroughfare. For Raymond, the most important aspect of submitted art should be its safeness in the community. 

"We saw beautiful sculptures during Art Basel, but most were too jagged. We need something that is safe around children and animals and can survive outdoors."

Call to Artists for Art is in Our Nature
Entries are due by February 15 and will be judged based on form, concept, originality and interpretation of the theme Art is in Our Nature. For more information, visit biscayneparkfl.gov.

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