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Il Trovatore: See Saturday.

january 15
Love Letters: Large- and small-screen stars Robert Wagner and Jill St. John star in A.R. Gurney Jr.'s critically acclaimed Love Letters, tonight only at 8:00 at the Colony Theater (1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). Both actors are certainly blasts from the past: St. John starred in a couple of Sinatra vehicles, including 1967's Tony Rome, before slinking around as Tiffany Case with Sean Connery in 1971's Diamonds Are Forever. While Wagner's filmography trails into the distance, he's probably best known for his starring role in the hit television show Hart to Hart. But neither has been resting on laurels these many years -- St. John has a series of cookbooks due out soon, and Wagner will star with Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley in the forthcoming feature film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Tickets cost $38 and $43. Call 531-1711.

Porno for Pyros: The Cult of Perry Farrell drives on as his current project Porno for Pyros returns to South Florida for a concert tonight at 8:00 at Rezurrection Hall at Club Nu (245 22nd St., Miami Beach). Still touring behind 1995's Good God's Urge, the band made a sold-out stop in Fort Lauderdale in July that offered faithful, if sleepy, renditions of the multilayered, multicultural hippie-fest tunes on that album. In the world of alternative music, it seems some people can do no wrong. Rumor has it that Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist and former Jane's Addiction bandmate Dave Navarro might join Farrell for a few songs tonight. Tickets cost $19. Call 535-1174.

Florida Philharmonic: See Monday.
Defending the Caveman: See Tuesday.
Itzhak Perlman, Samuel Sanders, and Pinchas Zuckerman: See Tuesday.

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