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Santa's Enchanted Forest: See Thursday.

december 3
Florida Grand Opera Master Class: Fancy yourself a potential Luciano Pavarotti or a Maria Callas? Then quit making all that racket in the shower and shoot for the big time at this master class. Opera-singing couple Evelyn Lear (known for mastering all three soprano roles in Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier) and Thomas Stewart (regarded as one of the leading Wotans in the world) met when they were students at Juilliard in the Fifties. They have graced the stages of major opera houses for the past 40 years, so they've got the goods. Your audition might earn you a place in the Florida Grand Opera's Young Artist and Technical Apprentice Program. Tonight's program is part of the national competitions held to choose artists who are awarded a residency, which provides them with extensive vocal coaching, master classes, language and acting lessons, career counseling, and an opportunity to perform by singing supporting roles in productions throughout the season. Many past participants are now performing with the world's leading opera companies. Look out, La Scala, here you come! (And eat some more pasta; you need your strength.) The class runs from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the Arturo di Filippi Educational Center (1200 Coral Way). Admission is free. Call 854-1643. (NK)

Santa's Enchanted Forest: See Thursday.
Craig Shoemaker: See Tuesday.
Day Without Art: See Tuesday.

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