Burn Notice Returns to TV

This semi-awkward shot seems to be the favored press photo accompanying coverage of the return of new episodes of USA's Burn Notice. Yes, it looks like a paparazzi shot of some unknown-in-America European power couple enjoying champers in spandex. Which is enticing in its own way, I suppose, but really does nothing to get the point across that the show is a sometimes funny, sometimes thrilling rebel spy caper. Eh, to be fair, those shots of Daniel Craig in blue hot pants made Casino Royale look like Baywatch: Liverpool, which didn't seem to hurt its box office.

The series, which is shot in and around Coconut Grove and Hollywood, FL, returns tonight for the second half of its second season. Tune in to USA at 10 p.m. to catch it.

A third season has already been announced, and there were murmurs that the city was going to kick production out of the expo center where the show shoots. Last we heard, though, that's all been smoothed over.

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