The Bungalow 33 truck and owner Michelle Applebaum.
The Bungalow 33 truck and owner Michelle Applebaum.
Courtesy of Bungalow 33

Bungalow 33 Truck Popping Up to Sell Designer Duds at the Vagabond

As with anything else in the age of instant gratification, consumers prefer when the things they want come their way — rather than vice versa (just ask Amazon). Why drive to the mall when the mall can drive to you?

Enter Bungalow 33, a pop-up boutique slash personal shopper on wheels. The "bou-truck," as it's known, is now making the rounds in Miami, bringing high fashion to the Vagabond Hotel, Segafredo Brickell, and many other local hot spots. 

The 18x7 shop sells a curated selection of clothing, along with some shoes, jewelry, and other accessory options. Prices are mid-level, so it's not just for the ridiculously rich (for instance, you can score a tank for $19 and a jumpsuit for $180). 

Interior of the Bungalow 33 truck.
Interior of the Bungalow 33 truck.
Courtesy of Bungalow 33

"The selection is designed to take women from day to night with a variety of options from your basic tees and jeans, to pencil skirts, to beachy cover-ups, to cocktail dresses, and more," says Bungalow 33 founder Michelle Applebaum. "Many of the pieces are versatile within themselves and can completely transform with a simple change of shoes and jewelry or by adding another layer. The focus is mainly clothing, however, there are select jewelry, shoes, handbags, hats and other accessories to help polish your look." 

Labels include designers Donna Mizani, Style Stalker, RD Style, Wilde Heart, Saylor, Madison Square, L’Atiste, jewelry artist Cecilia Gonzalez, among others. Options are hand-picked by Applebaum, based largely on her personal style.

"I'm a bit of a fashion chameleon … sometimes I like to get all dolled up, and other times I just want to feel comfy and casual. I may feel girlie for one occasion, professional for another, or perhaps simply sexy. I want to provide for all those moods and moments with complementing looks."  

The truck is air-conditioned (this is Miami, after all) and has a sleek interior to match its inventory, complete with mahogany wood flooring and white walls with a pinkish hue. There's even a mini lounge complete with a flat-screen TV and refreshment bar. 

Bungalow 33 is now popping up every Sunday at the Vagabond Hotel for “Style Rendition Weekends,” (which may be expanding to Fridays as well) and is available for private parties, including birthday, bachelorette, holiday and other girls’ night out events.

"I think our brands share similar personalities," says Applebaum of the partnership with the Vagabond. "The hotel is a bit off the beaten path, which as a mobile boutique, we find so cool as we try and forge our own route. We both aim to bring the modern and stylish to our clientele, yet always with an element of sophistication." 

To stay tuned to Bungalow 33's locations, you can follow it on Instagram and Facebook. For inquiries or to book an event, call 786-606-9003 or email info@bungalow33boutique.com.

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