Buck15 Wants You to Bedazzle Their Sneakers

As with most art, a blank canvas is only the beginning of a long challenge. All white just won't suffice (unless you're Robert Rauschenberg). So if you're into the idea of bedecking a pair of all-white sneakers, stop by Buck15 this month to take part in their second Arts & Craft series.

Last month, the blank canvas was a white T-shirt, a wardrobe staple among Miamians. The revamped shirts spawned artistic designs that included everything from skulls to a Japanese Geisha. According to the Arts & Crafts series's Cassandra Martino, "the last event had a great turnout, and the awards night attracted an electric mix of hipsters, artists, publicists, jocks, and fashionistas." We're thinking a pair of white pants for the next event might work, even if it will be after Labor Day.

Round two of Buck15's Arts & Craft series asks local crafters to decorate a pair of white Puma sneakers. As of September 1st, everyone can pick up a pair at Buck15 and then have their bedazzled kicks judged by strangers. Winners get street cred and cash.

We especially like that this artistic endeavor is free. So whether you

want to spray paint your pair hot pink or draw a detailed Miami skyline,

it's up to you to decide how to wow (or scare) voters.   

Artists have until Monday, September 13 to submit their sneakers, which

will then be showcased for two weeks on the walls of Buck15. The rest is

up to the voters, the hipster bar's patrons, who have until Tuesday,

September 28 to weigh in on their favorite pair via supplied voting

cards. The winner will be announced that Tuesday night at an 11:30 p.m.

awards party.

There's more than fun to be had, there's real money at stake. The first

place winner gets a $75 gift certificate to La Epoca department store;

the second place winner will get a $75 bar tab at Buck15; and third

place receives $25 for some dim sum at Miss Yip Chinese Cafe.

-- Elena Chiriboga

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