Britto Poop, Broken Bones, and Bipolar Bandits at Yo Miami's Average Joe Art Sale

There's nothing like Art Basel to remind you of your sad station in life. If you've browsed the tents alongside show-off yuppies or Brazilian ex-pats making purchases, you know what we're talking about. And we feel you.

So we were pretty psyched this weekend, when we mere fiscal mortals got a shot at feeling like bona fide art collectors at Yo Space's Average Joe Art Sale, where 13 local artists sold original artwork price-capped at only $250.

The art bazaar, serving as the soft opening of Yo Space Gallery and artist collective, offered one-of-a-kind artwork for art collectors of all levels.

Buying and mingling

Yo Space's warehouse venue allowed for prime display of the artists'

work, with high ceilings and wide-open space. Featuring a ping-pong

table and several generously sized rooms set up for the different

artists, the space allows artists enough privacy for handling business

while still maintaining a community feel.


crowd for the Average Joe sale was lively from the start. From parents

to senior citizens to young art-loving couples, there was no specific

demographic attending the sale -- just a bunch of people genuinely looking

for a good, clean deal on a work of art.

Andres Carmiol of JNGL Art, a part-time tattoo artist, showed off his stock featuring an array of his "leftover" artwork including pop-surrealist cartoon prints and paintings all for mad cheap.

For Trek Six, one of the artists behind Wynwood's boom box mural, the majority of his artwork is inspired by music, like the untitled acrylic on canvas painting shown below. The artist's work was all priced at less than $200. 

The pop artist behind GG Art was offering prints, paintings, and a selection of his quirky Fresh Paint t-shirts. GG's Super Hero series included his popular Batman acrylic on canvas painting for $100 as well as other super hero prints for $25. The artist has plans in the works for a full Super Hero series exhibit.

Miami street artist Vince Herrera of The Bad Panda brought new meaning to the phrase "tortured artist." His "Go For Broke" series features acrylic and ink paintings over ex-rays of his broken hand. 

And can we just say how much we loved this additional piece by Herrera? The painting illustrates "Britto's poop all over Miami." 

This artist goes by the name of Kelo. The bandit claims to be on the run from the cops (hence the pose), but that didn't stop him from setting up shop at Yo Space. Using everything from hairspray to candle wax to latex, his technique for some of his latest work involves scratching them against the pavement -- street art, literally. 

His style is "bipolar abstract expressionism," Kelo said. Playing with symbols from gang signs to Masonic insignia, the artist admits his work is open to interpretation, but hey, we're not going to accuse of his work meaning something it's not and risk getting shot. 

This leather purse by FIFTYTHREE artist Jay Bellicchi was a painting in itself. 

Kazilla showed off her selection of paintings inspired by Native American culture, realism, and the Miami color palette. Most of the work she had up for sale were "live art" paintings she painted at different concerts. 

Shopping for art can make you hungrier than Adam Richman on a juice cleanse. Luckily, hungry art patrons were able to chow down on arepas and empanadas from Los Chamos food truck. 

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