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Breaking Bad's Best Musical Moments

Breaking Bad is easily the best television show currently running, and only The Wire can challenge its all-time supremacy. The riveting saga of what happens when a mild-mannered science teacher dying from cancer makes a fatally bad decision to cook methamphetamine has more twists and turns than the wildest ride at Six Flags. Creator Vince Gilligan focuses heavily on visual art, such as clever point-of-view cameras and breathtaking shots of the New Mexico landscape more often than he does music, which most often used as ambient background sound. The show's judicious use of music makes the occasions when it does that much more poignant. I suppose at this point, I am obligated to issue the clichéd "spoiler alert", as this column contains myriad key plot points over the show's first four and a half seasons. I will not do that, however, for if you are not watching this brilliant show, you should not be allowed to own a television.

In preparation for Sunday's continuation of the final season, we recall some of the best musical moments in the show's incredible history.

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Dave Geeting