Bras on Things That Don't Wear Bras

Today is hump day! Yay! And what does that mean? Well, if you're a normal member of society, it could just mean that it's the middle of the work week creating a peak, or rather a hump, smack dab in the middle of five brutal days. Or, if you're a male puppy who hasn't been fixed yet (or Hugh Hefner hopped up on Viagra), hump day can be a very confusing concept to you because you're: a.) old b.) a dog or c.) every day is hump day, in which case, hump away you old, dirty dog.

And in honor of unneutered mutts, Hugh's love of boobies, and making something seemingly innocent into something perverted, here's a bunch of bras on things that don't wear bras.

Hate to break it to you, Miami, but this is the real definition of the word "bro."

Well, here's one cell not getting any mitosis tonight....

Illustration by Alex Izaguirre

Check out dem...coconuts?

Fat babies need bras too.

Runny eggs no more.

When the planets align....

Aw, nuts! Another bra for nuts!

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