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Borscht Film Festival's 2012 Events: A Hypnotist, a Chris Bosh Tribute, and a Celebrity Animal Petting Zoo

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Thursday, Dec. 13

"FutureHistory": Psychedelic screening of films that blur the line between science and art by Coral Morphologic taking place on the 7,000 sq. ft. outdoor screen in a park designed by Frank Gehry.

8-9:30pm, Soundscape Park

"FutureHistory" After Party: Local Musicians (TBA) will perform poolside.

10pm - 1am, Broken Shaker

Friday, Dec. 14

Regional Film Summit: New Orleans: Josh Penn and Bob Weiss (Court 13) present 90 minutes of work indicative of the ethos, interests, and methods of production of New

Orleans, which naturally includes a drinking game. This will be followed by an interactive presentation.

3-4:30pm, O Cinema

"Sun Don't Shine": Under Hypnosis with Amy Seimetz: Screening of South Florida local Amy Seimetz feature "Sun Don't Shine," which debuted to rave reviews at SXSW. Think "A Fish Called Wanda" meets "Two Lane Blacktop." A hypnotist will be on hand to convince the audience they made the film, and to convince the director that she's watching it for the first time. A hypnotized Q+A will follow the screening.

5-7pm, O Cinema

Bike Graffiti Tour and Regional Film Screenings: Starting at O Cinema and Ending at Miami Art Museum, take a guided tour around the only outdoor graffiti museum in the

world, home to works by the top international street artists. Along the way, there will be stops at local bars + restaurants for drinks + food, and screenings of the regional programs from Dallas and New York.

7-10pm, O Cinema

Bosh Film Festival: The Bosh Film Festival was founded in 1849 (Gregorian calendar) in the multiverse, and its 163rd edition will take place in Miami, FL in 2012. The festival is a visual glimpse into the many layers of Miami Heat Power Forward/ Interstellar Star Prince CHRIS BOSH, and is the experimental component of the Borscht Film Festival. We're throwing it in conjunctionwith the international organization BYOBeamer, where any member of the community is invited to come project their work onto the space. Bands will perform to provide the score.

10pm - midnight, Miami Art Museum

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