"Bob Marley Messenger": HistoryMiami's Opening Night in Pictures

If he'd been at the opening of HistoryMiami's exhibit about his life, Bob Marley would have lit a spliff and said, "Yah, real nice, irie vibes, mon. Jah. Rastafari."

The opening of the exhibit dedicated to the world's greatest reggae superhero was a smashing success.

Hundreds gathered in HistoryMiami's courtyard and ambled through its halls to enjoy live music, catered food, drinks, and one of a kind photographs and artifacts. Here's what it looked like.

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Upon entering the museum you are greeted by the great Trek6 Marley mural.

Local music aficionados and music biz types were there.

Interactive elements abounded:

And the exhibit spreads from the walls to the floor:

Photos made up a good chunk of the exhibit, but other items were on display too, including....

Ziggy Marley's hat

Bob Marley's Bible

And a world map of countries where Marley performed.

This woman told us she had the coolest shirt in the whole place.

But what about this one?

With so much to look at, attendees spent time taking their own photographs and sharing them with friends:

Outside by the bar, Jahfe took the stage and led the crowd in exultation, closing out a great exhibit, and a great night.

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