Black Square Gallery Turns Boring Into Brilliant During Miami's Slowest Arts Month

For most Wynwood galleries, August's Second Saturday Art Walk brings all the excitement of a Marlins home game. During the sweltering dog days of summer, many larger spaces shutter their doors for vacation while preparing for the upcoming high season. Those who do open for the art crawl often feature hold-over exhibits.

But for some, such as Black Square Gallery director Anna Milashevych, the hottest month of the year is the perfect time to rise above the noise and introduce audiences to exciting new talent.

"Yes, summer is traditionally a slow time for the galleries," says Milashevych, a 26-year-old Ukrainian who opened the gallery in 2010 with partner Ronald Kritzler. "[But] I can say there are still many collectors and tourists coming to Miami... It has become a tradition for Black Square Gallery to present special summer projects to explore a specific subject or media."

Last August, for example, the graduate of Ukraine's National Academy of Arts and Architecture presented a project dedicated to text-based art called "Summer Reading" that drew big crowds. "Over 4,000 people attended the show, we received great feedback from local and national press, and we were contacted by libraries and cultural institutions for collaborations," Milashevych says.

Black Square will try to replicate that feat this weekend with "Matrix/Collective Memory," a new project on view beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday. It will feature the work of fellow Ukrainian Alexiy Say, Argentina's Camilo Guinot, and Spain's Carlos Zerpabzueta, each of whom create unusual pieces in which mundane objects and small elements are combined to startling effect.

For instance, Say builds his pieces using the world's most boring office software. "All his works are made in Excel spreadsheets or with diagrams," says Milashevych, who curated the exhibit. "He fills out Excel sheets with letters and colors and then prints out his pictures on photo paper. Each piece is unique, one-of-a-kind, as considered by the artist to be a digital painting."

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