Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe's Wreck-It-Ralph Arcade Face-Off Finally Sees a Victor

Last week, we reported on an arcade gaming competition between two industry heavyweights, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, which...didn't go exactly as planned. Technical troubles prevented the two gamers from going head-to-head in the Fix-It-Felix, Jr. arcade game created for Disney's Wreck-It-Ralph, and a rematch was planned.

Given that local gamer Billy Mitchell had proclaimed himself the winner after the first failed round, we were looking forward to seeing some actual battle action.

But sadly, even after the delay, the competition was still a bit mishandled. There was some confusion as to the rules of the competition--was it highest score on one playthrough? Combined scores? Did the thing end at 10 or 11 p.m.? The winner didn't even get to beat last week's phenom, Alejandro Edward Traba, and his semi-official world record score of 269K.

In the following video, check out who came out on top, and what the winner got to take home with him.

Wreck-it-Ralph is in theaters now. If you want your own dose of Wreck-It-Ralph gaming glory, you can find a browser version of Fix-It-Felix, Jr. here and a version for iOS.

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