Bikini Basketball Exists and It's Coming to Miami: Tryouts This Weekend Postponed UPDATED

D-Wade and LeBron may dominate our city's courts -- but soon, they won't be the only game in town. Miami's athletic assets are about to include a hot, scantily clad bevy of beauties known as Miami Spice.

Miami Spice isn't just a new basketball team. It's a bikini basketball team. And yes, that's exactly what it sounds like: the basketball equivalent of the Lingerie Football League.

And this brand new Bikini Basketball League is currently looking to stack its roster with the city's best beauties.

This Saturday, aspiring athletes/exhibitionists can don a sports bra and shorts and showcase their skills for a chance to earn a spot on the team's 2013 lineup. They're looking for 10 to 15 lucky ladies, and the stakes are high.

So what makes a Miami Spice player? "This is a competitive basketball league, so we are definitely looking for girls that can really play. It is also a bikini league in which the girls will be playing basketball in bikinis, so looking good in a bikini is a must," team reps told us, adding that "personality, the ability to work with a team, competitiveness, people skills, endurance, drive, and dependability" are also bonus qualities.

Those trying out can expect to be pushed to the limits, reps say. So just looking pretty ain't gonna cut it -- you've gotta be good with a ball, too.

The audition process will include an on-court component, as well as a videotaped interview.

"They can expect to sweat their hair out and have their basketball skills tested. Dribbling, shooting, passing, running, scrimmaging, and more. We will also have a interview process where we ask them an array of questions to see if they have the mind frame and personality that we seek," reps added.

With great bikini basketball power comes great bikini basketball responsibility. In addition to being available for practices, games and bookings, the team members will be expected to participate in promotions, as well as to join in community events and giveaways. They'll also be expected to remain professional in their behavior, as their actions will reflect on the team as a whole.

"There are a few other minor responsibilities, but other than that, it will be all about having fun, giving back and winning championships!" reps add.

The inaugural season will kick off in the summer of 2013.

So get that dribble down and don those booty shorts. This might just be your lucky day.

UPDATE: The tryouts have been postponed until further notice. Organizers say they're seeking a larger venue due to increased interest. Looks like you'll have plenty of competition, ladies.

Candidates are expected to wear a sports bra and shorts. The group will also be collecting school supplies and/or monetary donations to benefit the high school. You can follow Miami Spice on Facebook and Twitter.

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