Biggest Loser Host Alison Sweeney on Fan Love, Fitness, and Life Without Jillian Michaels

Miami is known for many things: hurricanes, nightlife, our beaches, hot people, etc. But just a few years back, we were named the fattest city in America. Pretty sad, especially for a town where you can't walk two blocks without hearing LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It."

Being large and in charge in the 305 can be hard. Which is why when we got the chance to chat with The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney about how to make the Magic City a little less chunky, we took it.

Sweeney, who joined the show in 2007, has watched over 150 people loose over 40,000 pounds combined. She's recently switched her fitness focus to the issue of skin cancer, teaming up with Coppertone to find their next spokesmodel and spread the word of the importance of sunscreen -- another thing leather-skinned Miamians should learn a thing or two about.

Check out our conversation with the model, mom, and mogul as we talk about everything from staying fit to her soap opera career.

Cultist: You're getting a free ride into heaven for sure. You are trying to make America less obese, and now trying to stop skin cancer.
Sweeney: (Laughs) I hope! I mean, getting involved in this project was easy. My kids are water babies and I am so light-skinned, I have to use sunscreen everyday. You live in Miami, you know.

It's true. I get sunburned driving in my car.
I have been to Miami and I know not just because of the weather, but the Coppertone mascot is a huge feature in the city.

Tell me about about your involvement in Little Miss Coppertone contest.
Until last week, people could upload a picture of their little girl to Coppertone's Facebook page. Now, we are going to be selecting the top 10. America and I will judge who they think represents the Little Miss Coppertone spirit. That all starts July 13th.

Does everyone tell you, "Your show inspired me to lose weight!"
A lot do. It's so satisfying and rewarding that we are a part of a show that inspires people to look at their health in a more educated way. It's usually something simple like getting people to work out or eat healthier the day after watching the show.

I have heard there are going to be a lot of changes on The Biggest Loser this season. Did Anna Kournikova get the boot?
I think there have been a lot of decisions not yet to be made. I like to be spoiler-free.

Did you miss Jillian Michaels when she left the show?
I did. I missed seeing her everyday. But we will still keep in touch. I get to visit with her. I am so thrilled with her and her life. She's making it happen.

It has to be a lot of pressure not to gain a single pound being that you are the judge of Biggest Loser.
Of course. I have the pressure for myself. But I want to represent the brand. It's important for me. But I want to show it works -- it's a way of life. Being a part of this show inspires me.

What do you do to stay fit?
I do a lot of cardio, running, spin class. I just got a bike. I am training for a triathlon this fall. I just ran a marathon. I never thought I could do it, but I did, which pretty much means anyone can.

Would you say people recognize you more from Days of our Lives or Biggest Loser?
Not sure. I have been on Days of our Lives for 20 years in January. I love it. It's still going strong. We have seen some tough times, but our fans are the only reason we are still here.

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