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Big Ang's Miami Monkey: What to Expect From Miami's Next Reality Show Trainwreck

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Here's what Big Ang will be serving up on Vh1 this September:

Random Hotties

The series follows Ang as she opens and tries to bring Miami Monkey to success on South Beach, Vh1's announcement explains. "To ensure the success of Miami Monkey as the newest South Beach hotspot, Ang enlists the help of a crew of Staten Island beauties and SoBe hotties to come along for the ride." Wait, a television program starring attractive young people? How novel!

Family Drama

Big Ang's "bossy 'mini-me' daughter" Raquel will be working weekends at the Monkey ... and then flying back to New York every week for her full-time nine-to-five job. Girl, the tips are not gonna be that good.

While she's away, her best friend and cousin-in-law Roxanne will take over. She's -- surprise! -- another "loud-mouthed and opinionated" woman. Surely things will go smoothly, a real family love-fest with no giant arguments, backstabbing, or catfights at all.

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