Best Places in Miami to Live Out Your Mad Men Fantasies

When suited, sunglassed, cigarette-smoking Don Draper says so long to TV land this weekend, many a fan will feel the loss. Sure, Mad Men romanticized and oversexed '50s and '60s America, but it did so with style. From Joan's ferocious curves to Pete's sneaky maneuvers, the motley crew of ad execs enthralled audiences.

Luckily, there are plenty of Miami spots from the Mad Men era where you can live out the Don Draper-Peggy Olson fantasies you've been holding on to for seven seasons. Dubbed "MiMo," midcentury architecture is all over the place in the Magic City, and here are a few of our favorite spots: 
The Vagabond Hotel
Newly renovated, this midcentury gem is aglow with activity — and serious retro charm. Have a classic cocktail at the indoor bar, dine on the breezy patio, or sit by the über-glam pool in a Betty-esque pin-up swimsuit. You'll forget what era it is.

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach
This '50s-era architectural wonderland (designed by the legendary Morris Lapidus) has stood the test of time. The grand, sprawling resort has 1,500 rooms, 12 restaurants and bars, a 40,000-square-foot spa, and some killer poolside digs. This is the place to pretend you're a wealthy client whisking Don away for a wildly romantic weekend.

The Eden Roc Resort
Another superglamorous feat by Morris Lapidus, this smaller yet equally chic resort boasts 600-plus rooms and all the amenities you could ask for. Its rich history even includes a couple of appearances in I Love Lucy — there's nothing more charmingly midcentury than that. You and your beau can do your best Don and Megan impression in one of these luxurious rooms.

Miami Marine Stadium
Though the stadium technically isn't open to the public, plenty of artists, explorers, and curious passersby have made their way in since the spot shuttered in the '90s. There's a movement (spearheaded by Gloria Estefan) to renovate the landmark venue, but in the meantime, it's a helluva a place for a tryst or adventurous outing. Can't you just see Joan and Roger hooking up in the back row? 

The Carillon Hotel & Spa
This old-school gem has changed hands (and names) several times throughout the years, but it's back to its original moniker: Carillon. Known for its outstanding, over-the-top spa amenities, this is the place to book a couple's massage, a '60s-esque "body ritual," or just a sexy, sensual escape with your man or woman of the moment.

The Bacardi Building
Designed by Cuban architect Enrique Gutierrez in 1963, this unusual, modern ode to rum is hard to miss. The tropical design and vibrant mosaic scream midcentury Miami, and the courtyard is the perfect place to stop for a smoke or a hush-hush meeting. Or just sit and ponder your empty existence à la Don Draper. 

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