Best Of Miami Readers' Poll Closes On Friday; Get Your Vote On!

For two and a half decades now, Miami New Times' Best of Miami issue has brought you our expert picks for our town's best spots to get a mojito, eat ropa vieja, purchase shoes and everything else in between. And for just as long, you -- the good people of the 305 -- have gleefully pointed out just how wrong our experts are by voting on what, in fact, should be the best mojito, the greatest place to grab a snack in Coconut Grove, the single most mind-blowing bike shop in all of Miami-Dade, and dozens of other categories.

Already, more than 10,000 of you have voted in this year's Best of Miami poll. The rest of you slackers still have time to cast your ballot -- but not much! Voting closes Friday, folks.

Head over to our handy poll to put in your own picks. It's easy.

Got an idea for the best bar in Miami Beach? The city's best coffeehouse? The best spot to take your Midwestern grandparents when they come to visit?

Tell us! But do it before Friday. After the polls close, you'll just have to go back to shouting your opinion at random passersby on Biscayne Boulevard.

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