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Beer Snob Bicycle Pub Crawl Releases New Drunk Manatee T-Shirts

​Last March, a sweaty crew of bicycle folks set forth on a Beer Snob Bicycle Pub Crawl with the intention of enjoying a few brews and a spring afternoon ride.  It was the meeting of two wonderful American pastimes, drinking and cycling, both done responsibly, of course. On September 18, there'll be a second Beer Snob Bicycle Pub Crawl with a pleasant South Beach to Downtown Miami ride and cycling gear that is just adorable. 

One of the highlights of the inaugural event was the sale of handsome T-shirts that were greedily snatched and purchased by the hoards of bikers. For the second pub ride, you must buy the $12 threads ahead of time online at Miami Bike Scene and pick them up at the crawl. Supplies are limited. Almost 300 people said they'd be attending on Facebook, and there are less than 50 tees available. There's no need to be the crazy lady at Neimans wrestling for the last pair of Manolos, just go online and buy.
Based on another bike blog's logo, Bike Snob NYC's "seal" of disapproval has joking morphed into Miami's cutie manatee tee, ready to party with a heady stein in its flipper. Last year's shirt read, "una cerveza, por favor," but in honor of the sophomore crawl, this one touts, "dos cervezas." And may we add, "Por favor!"

​The organizers, Rydel and Gary, want to encourage responsible drinking.

This means it's imperative that you are at least 21 to drink. According

to  the Miami Bike Scene's Rydel, "Hopefully, the event encourages folks to ride more and drive less, particularly on short trips."

He emphasized the convenience of a short ride; you can get some

exercise. Plus, there's no parking to pay, and, duh, it's

fucking nice outside. We live in Miami, you lazy bastards. It's healthy

to sweat. Get on the bike.

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