Grease Worship" at the End">

Beatriz Monteavaro Hosts "Participatory Grease Worship" at the End

How frequently do we describe our mood as "ecstatic"? Between the monotonous doom of the debt-limit crisis, the ticking time bomb of hurricane season, trying to stay alive in traffic, trying to pay the rent, and the unrelenting, absolutely suffocating humidity, we're lucky if we ever just feel not-lousy. 

This weekend, local artist and New Times's Best Percussionist, Beatriz Monteavaro, demands you launch yourself out of your daily hum-drums into transcendence by getting down with a lil' worship-ritual boogie. 

The means of worship? A dark room filled with fog and a roaring drum circle. The beloved deity? The 1978 movie musical, Grease. 

Monteavaro says that the worship's genesis came out of an invitation from nomadic multipurpose space, the end, another New Times Best Of recipient (Best Cultural Project). The roaming arts venue, which is currently stationed at the former Spinello Gallery, has been hosting a series of experimental music events including a lecture from noise luminary Rat Bastard and a multimedia presentation on Sun-Ra by Kevin Arrow.

Monteavaro says she "wanted to do something everyone could participate in. [Something] totally unpretentious, and inclusionary as possible: all audience, all performer." After what she describes as "a sleepless night," of psychic soul searching, she settled on three key components: Grease, karaoke, and a drum circle.

"I must have seen Grease in the theater 20 times," she reflects, excitedly. "It was my first LP. I've worshiped Grease for years."

Last year Monteavaro attended a sing-a-long screening of the film and was disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm. "It was missing that anything-can-happen vibe.

And so for Participatory Grease Worship, parameters have been set to ensure that just about anything will happen. The film will screen in a fog-machine'd gallery. People will sing/scream along. And there will be a smattering of percussive instruments available. As the event's organizer succinctly explains, "I hope the karaoke, drums, and fog push this event into chaos."

Participatory Grease Worship!, hosted by Beatriz Monteavaro, takes place Friday at 9 p.m. at the end (155 NE 38 St., Miami). Admission is free. Visit the event page on Facebook.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.