Beat Poet Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns Talks Spoken Word and Overtown's Revival

Dial Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns, and on the other end of the receiver, the phone rings enough times to suggest the call is going to voicemail. Instead of the expected robotic answering service, a deep but delicate voice croons, "Somewhere there's a love just for me, and I'm going to find it...Keep your head up stay blessed, stay focused, stay true, and always be you. Peace, the butterfly."

In less than 20 seconds, the beat poet melts the disappointment that normally comes with having to leave a message. After playing phone tag and getting to hear Vaughns' uplifting, pre-recorded voice a few times (this reporter actually looked forward to getting calls rejected), she talked to New Times about Miami's poetry scene and a resurgence of culture in Overtown.

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Briana Saati