BattleFrog, Navy SEAL-Designed Obstacle Race, Coming to Virginia Key

If you're looking for someone to kick your ass, no one's more qualified than a Navy SEAL. The military's most elite team of badasses, these dudes don't mess around -- not even when it comes to their recreational activities.

In keeping with their reputation, a team of former SEALs are bringing the boot camp in the form of BattleFrog, their newly launched, no-holds-barred obstacle race. This November, a preview is coming to Virginia Key, so you can test for yourself whether you can hack something so hard core.

"We are a Miami company, built out of a group of Navy SEALs. They're obstacle runners and they like participating in races. But they realized -- our training is so much more than this, more demanding and more challenging. Why don't we build our own race, based off of our own experiences?" says Claudia Santamaria, BattleFrog's CMO.

The founders are four former Navy SEALs, all of whom live in Florida, including Don Mann, Hector Delgado, and Michael Donnelly. Their race is based on the grueling, six-month long training course all SEALs must complete.

In a standard Battlefrog race, participants can choose between a 15K, 5K and 1K course. November's Miami preview is offering up just the 5K and 1K options, however, as a little taste of what's to come before the full race in February of 2015.

The obstacles include the Hooyah, a 12-foot high slant wall leading to a platform where racers head down dark tubes into a mud pit; the Tsunami, a 16-foot high triple-lane wave wall where racers have to run and climb up one side (often with help), then down the other; plus hay bales, rope climbs, trenches, balance beams, and a whole host of others.

They're all built in Miami, with materials from their Doral warehouse. There are also races scheduled for DC, the tri-state area, Pittsburgh, central Florida, and Dallas.

"We started here doing our prototypes, building them here, seeing what's challenging, what's different," Santamaria adds. "Everything was created, born and envisioned here in Miami."

The preview race kicks off on November 15 in Virginia Key Beach Park. Registration costs $55, then gradually increases in price until race day, when it's $85. The full race is scheduled for February 28, 2014. Visit

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