Bass Museum of Art Announces bassX Series During Renovations

Even though the Bass Museum of Art closed for renovations back in May, the art won’t stop in the meantime. Starting Tuesday, October 13, the Bass will launch a series of solo artist projects, exhibitions, talks, educational programs, and events known as bassX. According to their website, the “X” represents, the xterior refurbishing, interior xpansion, and the xcitment of what’s to come.

Many of the bassX programs will take place at the Miami Beach Regional Library, located just across the street from the museum. Between May and the museum’s scheduled reopening in late 2016, bassX will host five new exhibits featuring contemporary artists.

American artist Rachel Harrison’s exhibit Voyage of the Beagle, Two kicks off the five-part series at the library. The selection includes 58 printed photographs of mehirs (or monoliths) found in modern society—ranging from pop cultural tchotchkes to Auguste Rodin sculptures. Voyage of the Beagle, Two, named after Darwin’s field notebook, is the second in Harrison’s series.

During Miami Art Week— December 1 to 6 — bassX will present the U.S. premiere of Swiss visual and performance artist Sylvie Fleury’s Camino de Sol. January sees the first American solo exhibition of Jérémy Gobé, who will create a new installation as part of his Fountainhead Residency. In February, South African artist Athi-Patra Ruga will present a collection of fashion, photography, videos, costumes, and live performance. And finally, March will highlight footwear commissioned by international artists as part of Art & Sole: Fantasy Shoes from the Jane Gershon Weitzman Collection.

Most of these artists have never shown their work in South Florida before, so bassX serves as a way of introducing Miami audiences to new works in new venues. “I am excited that many of the artists I have chosen for this annex gallery space will be showing in South Florida for the first time and in some cases newly produced work created specifically for our audience,” said Jose Carlos Diaz, Curator of Exhibitions at the Bass.

Additionally, the Bass has a long history of bringing art out of the hallowed museum halls and into the public space. BassX continues in that tradition of sharing art indoors, outdoors, across town, and between South Florida communities. “BassX furthers the Bass Museum of Art's commitment to program outside of its walls. This program builds on our collaboration with ArtBasel in presenting Public, TC Temporary Contemporary, and our ongoing collaborations with museums and organizations like Black Archives, MISO, Home School, and the Lowe Museum,” says Bass Executive Director and Chief Curator Silvia Karman Cubiñá. “When organizations share programs and collections, Miami Beach and Miami become culturally stronger and more interesting places to live in.”

Voyage of the Beagle, Two, the first exhibition as part of bassX, is on display October 13 through November 15 at the Miami Beach Regional Library at 227 22nd St., Miami Beach. For more information visit 
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Hilary Saunders