Basketball Wives Season Three Reunion: The Drinking Game

The day we have all been waiting for is here: the Basketball Wives Season Three reunion. To say this is our Christmas is an understatement. This third season has been a doozy with love, loss, furry, and fighting like we have never seen before. So we think it's appropriate that we celebrate with a bang, specifically one hell of a drinking game. Just try not to throw any cocktails in anyone's face.  Part One of the reunion episode airs tonight on VH1 at 8 p.m. and Part Two airs next Monday.

With allusions to the wives' favorite drinks, here's everything you'll need for our Basketball Wives Reunion Drinking Game:

  • Bud Light in a bottle: Tami Roman's fave and what she orders at even the nicest of restaurant
  • A large of bottle of Sutter Home White Wine:  We all know these ladies love a glass of vino with any and every meal
  • Shot of choice: We suggest lemon drop, one of the ladies' favorite
  • Shot glasses: You're going to need shot glasses and lots of them
  • Migraine medicine: Not that simple headache relief, you're going to need to go big with migraine medicine and migraine medicine only. We are mixing booze here, people.

The Rules
There are seven wives and seven simple rules. We think you can follow them.

1. First and foremost, you must take a shot at every commercial break. Lets be real here, you will need a little cooldown after watching whatever drama was just on the screen.

2. You must take a sip of Sutter Home every time Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada or Shaunie O'Neal speaks at all. This is a true dedication to our ladies who refuse to lunch without a glass of wine.

3. You must finish your wine every time Evelyn says "Chad Ochocinco" or Jennifer says "Eric Williams." Evelyn's fiancé and Jennifer's soon-to-be ex-husband have been main characters in season three and we see them being a key element in reunion. And if Evelyn says "Chad," Chad Ochochinco" or just "Ochocinco," that counts too. If she says all three in one sentence, finish your glass or the bottle if you're feeling dedicated.

4. Take a sip of your beer every time Tami leaves her seat and/or lunges to physically assault Meeka Claxton. FINISH your beer if her fist actually reaches anyone's skin as opposed to personal space. If she knocks Meeka out cold, finish all drinks around you and get ready to be ill.

5. When Shaunie O'Neal makes a statement that calms down an argument between any of the castmates, take a drink of your choice. We call her "mommy Shaunie" for a reason. Won't it be nice to have the former Mrs. Shaq make an appearance longer than five minutes? 

6. If you think to yourself, "Royce, why are you getting so loud?" you make the announcement, "I found Royce!" and all players must take a sip of their drink. 

7.  If and when reunion host John Salley has to break up a fight, take shot. Figuring this might or might not happen, if Mr. Salley says anything pertaining to the quote "A lot of you talk about being grown-ass women, but then do teenage women shit," like he did last season, take a shot... maybe even two.

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