Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion, Part 2: WTF Is Meeka Claxton Saying

Oh, Basketball Wives. How we love you so. And our hearts grew fonder with the final installment of the two-part reunion special last night.

Last week, we once again met host John Salley and everyone discussed the Eric Williams drink

throwing in full. We also learned that Meeka Claxton thinks Tami Roman's new

name should be "THR: Tami Hoodrat Roman." Here's what you missed from the Basketball Wives Reunion Part Two.

If Meeka Stays, Tami Goes: So, when we talked with Tami Roman, she warned us that she might not stick around for another season. In fact, our girl Evelyn Lozada even confirmed it for us when we chatted with her. And last night on the reunion, Tami said it herself by letting the audience and castmates know that if there was a season four, and Meeka Claxton was to be a part of it, you can pretty much assume there is no more Roman in Basketball Wivesville.

And while we love Meeka and enjoyed our time interviewing her, weren't you thinking during their fight, "WTF is Meeka talking about? Really, WTF?"

Tami Roman Rumbles: Even before the first commercial break, Tami completely took over the show. Meeka did her best to get a word in, but Tami and her fabulous new wig weren't allowing that. There were so many highlights of the Roman rant. We don't know where to start. Here, we will try:

  • The only reason Meeka's husband is a champion because he was lucky enough to get traded to a championship team.
  • She is a big fan of Twitter and the act of retweeting. In her words, "I retweet all day. What else am I supposed to do with it?"
  • She doesn't regret the fight in Italy with Meeka one bit. If you put your hand up to Tami Roman, you will be "popped."

Evelyn Chad. Jennifer Doesn't: Every time we see Evelyn Lozada talk about her fiancé/NFLer Chad Ochocinco, we can't say it doesn't seem like a very legit relationship. Any girl can see she is in love with him and he seems to feel the same way. But here's the thing: Jennifer Williams, her castmate and BFF, feels the opposite about Mr. 85.

If you watched their Rome, Italy trip, you heard the radio interview that Jenn did calling Chad a "media whore," and it almost breaking up their friendship. And of course, that matter was brought up on the reunion. The gals seem to be fine, but you can tell Jennifer is still not into Chad. Oh and Eve says they are getting married next summer.

Suzie Ketchum's Big Mouth: So, we think it's safe to say that Suzie has the peace-making skills of Osama Bin Laden.  All season long in our reviews, we have mentioned Suzie's inability to keep her mouth closed when it comes to gossip. She is, and we mean this in the best way, a parrot. 

And watching clip after clip after clip of her spreading rumors, well, we don't even think Ms. Ketchum herself could deny her broken record ways. And especially after Evelyn accidentally called her out for something she apparently told them about Royce not coming back. Goodness, that was awesome.

Eric Williams... Again: Guess what? Eric Williams is back... again. Not shocking, Eric was brought up on part two much like part one, but this time it wasn't for throwing a drink on Jennifer. It was for the fact that he is now an A-list Hollywood producer. No, we are just kidding. But he told Royce Reed he was becoming one and she believed him. And Evelyn made fun of her for it.

Royce Reed Gets Loud. Real Loud: Shaunie O'Neal pretty much stayed silent the whole time, and Royce didn't do a lot of talking either. But when she did speak up, it was good. She got truly loud when Jennifer said anything that regarded her, but that was pretty much just insult after insult against Ms. Williams. When Jennifer brought up Royce's relationship with Eric Williams, that's when things really went south. Royce even picked her body up, put her booty out, and told Jenn to stop talking out of her ass.

Basketball Wives L.A. Sneak Peek: So, the last few minutes of the reunion weren't filled with fists, rather a sneak peek of Basketball Wives LA. And we can't lie: that shit looks amazing. Standouts for us already are Draya Michele, the former stripper/groupie and Kimsha Artest, "partner" to Ron Artest for 17 years.

Basketball Wives Season Four: Our host John Salley said Basketball Wives would be coming soon to a TV near you. In other words, get ready for season four, bitches!

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