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Basketball Wives' Royce Reed Tells All: How She Really Feels About Evelyn Lozada

This season of Basketball Wives should have been called Evelyn

Lozada & Some Basketball Wives. And while the future Mrs. Chad Ochocinco

did take a lot of air time, one person who definitely stood out was Miss Royce

Reed. You might recognize the tiny ex-Orlando Magic dancer from her very famous YouTube performance.

And when we got the chance to interview her, honestly, we

were kind of shocked she agreed to chat. Mainly because we have


used words like "bougie" when describing her. But we're here to admit


faults: We were wrong. She is actually quite delightful. She is just a single mom doing her best to not let her

baby daddy drama

(her son is with NBA star Dwight Howard) or Evelyn's BS get in her way.

New Times: Do you call Orlando or Miami home?

Royce Reed: I live in Orlando. I was born and raised here. It's

home--all my friends and family are here. I'm kind of a tomboy, so I love all

the theme parks.

There is a rumor going around you're not coming back next

season! Is it true?

That isn't true. I am definitely coming back. Honestly,

that was never even an issue. It was a rumor someone started, I'm not going to

name names, but it was never an issue.

What about the rumor of Evelyn Lozada leaving the show?

I don't even know about that because I don't speak to

her. But I have no idea if that is true or not.

So it's easy to assume you and Evelyn are no longer


That is very safe to say. She was never my friend anyways.

But you and Tami Roman are still friends, right?

Yes, Tami is my girl. If you're her girl, she definitely

will have your back.

So now I have to ask, are you and any of the ladies


The only one I'm really not fine with is Evelyn. I said

it at the reunion, but I like Jennifer (Williams) when she is by herself. I think she is

just easily influenced. I do think to a certain extent that she is a

follower. I think she has just

been up Evelyn's behind for so long, but now that Evelyn is engaged, for

whatever reason, she isn't really there for Jennifer who is in the middle of a


So how was the reunion? It looked like you could

have cut the tension with a knife.

I was fine the whole time, except when I was going off.

But really, I was just there to make my point. I just wanted to state my

opinion, if you wanted it or not. I finally went off, because honestly everyone has a breaking point.

What do you think of the fight that happened between

Evelyn and Tami on the finale?

I was so glad I wasn't there. God is watching out for me,

because there is a reason I wasn't there. Because if I would have been there, I

can't say I would have stopped the fight. I honestly can't say I would have

broken it up. I would have probably just sat there and watched it.

You saw it the same time we did as a viewer?

Yep, I watched it with everyone else. I was shocked. I

found out about it during a photo shoot actually. I heard a few different sides, and

then to see it, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Did you know about Evelyn and Tami's ex-husband Kenny before that night?

NO! I had no idea. That's the thing, I don't talk to

Evelyn like that and I never did. I didn't meet Evelyn till we were filming the

show. The only one I really knew was Shaunie. I was never calling them up to hang

out or anytime I was in Miami, I would never call them. The only person I would

actually do that to was Suzie. And I still just call Suzie.

Speaking of Suzie, why is she leaving?

I wouldn't count her out just yet.

Do you think Evelyn and Chad Ochocino's engagement is for


At the reunion, I didn't know. At this point, I still

don't really know. I do think they actually kind of like each other. And if

they don't, more power to them. I think people need to realize that is when

this is said and done and no one cares, what are you going to do--just sit there

and stare at each other?

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