Basketball Wives' Jennifer Williams on Evelyn Lozada, Chris Bosh, and New Season

To pick our favorite reality TV star is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child.

But really, we have spoken to a lot of these ladies, and while on TV

they might rip each other's hair out, they are generally nice people. Basketball Wives' Royce Reed? Not crazy. Shaunie O'Neal? We wanted to put in adoption papers the minute we were done with our interview.


when we asked Miss Jennifer Williams to chat with us about what she has

been doing since the Basketball Wives reunion and she obliged, we high-fived the person sitting next to us. And as it turns out, Williams is quite delightful too.

New Times: You're here in Miami filming. Do you live here permanently?

Jennifer Williams: I was living in between Miami and New Jersey. And then I moved back to New Jersey. And now, I'm back in Miami for filming. I'm kind of all over the place. I pretty much live out of a suitcase.

So can you tell me anything about the third season?

You know, it came about so quickly! We filmed our reunion show in the middle of February. And actually at the reunion, they were like, "Ok, so Monday were going to start pre-production." And everyone was just, "Wait, what?"

Will there be another Evelyn Lozada vs. Tammi Roman fight?

I mean, I just started filming. As of yet, no. The season always starts out pretty slow. There haven't been any critical moments as of yet.  So we will have to see.  It usually gets crazy towards the middle of filming. I'm sure it's going to be another interesting season.

What about the rumor your girl Evelyn wasn't coming back?

No, she is definitely back. She is already filming. Whenever one rumor gets started in the media, it always takes a life of its own.

There are always a lot of rumors surrounding your show. Royce Reed leaving, and Chris Bosh's baby mama is in.

I know! I just heard a rumor that Trina was going to be on the show.  I don't know where all these rumors get started.  People ask me things sometimes and I'm like, "Sorry, that is the first time I'm hearing that."

So, sorry to bring this up, but I know on the reunion you talked about your divorce. Are you dating? Single?

I'm definitely a proud single lady. I'm not dating or actively looking. If something came along, great! Dating is just so different now. Social media, texting, no one wants to talk on the phone, Facebook--I mean, I just feel clueless. I'll get out there soon, I'm just focusing on my business right now.

Well, on that note: What do you look for in a man?

Looks definitely count. I just want someone that I can have a good conversation with. Someone that can make me laugh. Just a caring person and they have to be able to bring something to the table. They don't have to be a millionaire, but I would like them to be on my same level: driven, motivated.

Speaking of love, Miss Evelyn is engaged to Chad Ochocinco. What do you think of him?

I don't really know Chad like that. He is just always in the media, so I know he likes to keep himself relevant. I guess on a personal level, I just don't really know him.  I have met him like once or twice.

I heard you and Eve have grown apart since her engagement.

No, we are still close. Everyone is just busy and she is caught up with her new man.  I'm just really focused on my career. I'm about to be an independent woman, so I'm just throwing myself into work. But when we're together, everything is cool.

Career wise, what are you up to?

I'm launching my lip-gloss line in a few weeks, so I have been really busy with that. It's my baby, so I'm watching it grow and soon it will be crawling. And hopefully walking! I'm working on a book, a workout DVD, so I'm just really keeping myself busy. I'm taking on a lot of projects right now.

A book -- is it a tell-all?

No no no! It's going to be a women's handbook. I'm going to talk about makeup, skincare, hair, self-esteem, love and I'm going to include personal stories and tips as well.

What is your advice for girls maybe going through a situation like you were with your NBA ex, Eric Williams?

I knew my relationship was going downhill. But I'm a child of divorce; I just never wanted that for myself. I considered myself a failure, because I'm really critical and hard on myself. For young women, remember that happiness is key. If the person you're with isn't making you happy, then take the proper steps to get out of that relationship and make yourself happy.  Life is just way too short.

While we're on Eric, at the reunion, it seemed like the video he made took you off guard.

Wow, that is a whole another story. I found out the day I was flying out to L.A. to film the reunion that they were going to fly him out. And I told them, "I'm not having it. It's either him or me." So once I got there, they said he had made a statement and that John Salley (the host) was going to read it.

And at the reunion, that is what happened. Then as I watched the reunion, I see this whole interview and I just shocked because that isn't at all what happened. And the statement he made in the letter is so different then what they showed. So comments I'm making had nothing to do with the video clip.  I was a little blindsided by that.

Did you feel so betrayed?

I immediately wrote to my executive producer once I saw that. When you're working with someone, you have to be honest with him or her.  Especially doing a reality show when I'm putting my whole life out there. I was pretty much holding down the title of the show because I was the only "basketball wife." It's just a little frustrating when the people you work with aren't honest.

While we're talking about the reunion, where did Royce Reed come from?

She was like the energizer bunny that just wouldn't shut up. She just did a complete 360. I could tell when we sat down; she had an attitude and didn't really speak to anyone. I was just like, "who is this person?" I haven't seen her since.

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