Basketball Wives Is Back, And It's War Between Jennifer and Evelyn

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The month of February is an exciting one. There's Valentines Day, the Super Bowl, Black History Month, and yesterday was the oh-so-exciting Presidents Day.

But last night, just nine days before the month comes to an end, we got our best reason to celebrate yet: Basketball Wives is back. And there's a good reason it was trending on Twitter most of the evening: It was amazing.

Where do we even begin? We'll start with the fact that the ladies are now in New York City. And it's not just a special field trip; Suzie Ketcham and Evelyn Lozada are both calling the East Coast home these days. Mrs. Lozada is there because her boo, aka Chad Ochocinco, plays for the New England Patriots. But Suzie, on the other hand, packed her stuff and said bye-bye to good ol' Florida. So, no more Miami for either of them? God, we hope not. The drama from that show contributes heavily to our love of the 305.

For months, we have been hearing about the two new ladies who were joining the cast, and finally, we got to meet them. Kesha Nichols was out first and right off the bat, we liked her. Why? Well, she's a small glass of water. We are fully OK with calling her a nugget. We also like that she isn't ashamed to talk about how her ex-fiancé, Richard Jefferson, called off their engagement. He didn't just call it off, you see -- the man broke up with her literally hours before their wedding. We're calling it now: Kesha and Royce Reed are soon-to-be BFFs. They are practically clones.

But we're also predicting that Kesha will run into trouble, and it's not just because she has no problem calling Jennifer Williams "bougie." It's because Suzie hates her. She hasn't come right out and said it yet, but you just know she hates that she isn't the only white girl on the show anymore.

Then there's Kenya Bell. Eh, we aren't impressed. Yes, she is pretty (a former Miss Michigan, in fact), but it's way too obvious that she's using this show as a jump-off for her music career. On the other hand, how can we not love a woman who stabbed her husband with a box cutter? This is the same man who showed up drunk for his DUI case. We mean, does it get better than that? We think not. So we'll hold out hope for more redonk antics as the show progresses.

We do have one concern though. How exactly is this show going to work if literally none of them are talking? Sure, some of them are "friends," but it's pretty obvious that it's forced. The producers need to get Tami Roman, Jennifer, and Evelyn talking right quick, because anything that comes out of their mouths is entertaining. But we can't imagine former BFFs Jen & Ev will be doing a lot of talking. Because they hate each other.

"Hate" sounds harsh, but what other word could we use? At the more-than-uncomfortable cast drink session, Evelyn looked at Jennifer and stated, "You are not my friend. You are my enemy." To be honest, we aren't 100% sure why they dislike each other so much in the first place. Apparently, Jennifer (or, she claims, her publicist) wrote a blog post about the fact that Evelyn picks the same men. We don't see this as a reason to call off a friendship, but apparently, Evelyn does.

In any case, here's why this season is going to be great: Every other scene so far has featured Evelyn attacking Jen. And the best part of it all: the fact that every physical brawl seems to be in a very nice, formerly respectable establishment. This should be good.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.