Basketball Wives Episode Ten: Watch Out! Jennifer Williams Will Sue You

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Here we are back at Gulfstream Park. When you think of an average day at the track, you might think of gambling, cocktails, dwarfs on horses, etc.

Well, not when the Basketball Wives are involved. When they arrive, things start to fly. Literally.

We are seriously considering starting a charity for battered and abused decor in the presence of Evelyn Lozada. If she gets heated and an inanimate object is in her way, it will be thrown. This

week, it was a silver vase. May it rest in peace.

Still, Evelyn's journey to the vase -- via walking on top of the table -- was pretty classic.

>Vases (thrown) aside, we approve of this violence against Jennifer Williams. It all began when Jennifer claimed that because her former friend/Evelyn's assistant Nia lives in a two bedroom apartment in Harlem, Nia must be a hobo. Um, broke girls stand up. We see why a few of the ladies have hit her. Jennifer has clearly just decided to become obnoxious this season, for some reason. Suze Ketcham, on the other hand, is still very, very confused about why everyone is being oh-so-very mean to poor like Ms. Williams.

But who is the most worried? That would be Kesha Nichols. Check out her face of pure concern:

(It is also possible that she just smelled something really gross.)

Later, Jennifer and a very Cindy Brady-looking Kenya Bell took a self-defense class together. Oh yeah, that'll help. Was there a lesson on how to stop being a douche? If that could be handled, violence in Jenn's life would be obsolete.

Most of last night's episode was dedicated to the brawl. The highlight of it all? See the photo below:

Hey, remember a couple of episodes back when Baby of Cash Money Records approached Evelyn to publish her book? Well, it's actually happening. And getting to read all the exciting tales of her looseness (in the words of Kenya) isn't the best news. At the photo shoot for the cover of her memoir, the ladies found out that Jennifer's threat to sue Nia wasn't a threat -- she is making it a reality, with a police report and everything.

Last night's episode also gave us a couple minutes of checking out Royce's fine piece of milk chocolate in boyfriend form, Dezmon. Our obsession with him is maybe a little pervy (he may or may not be a tween), but we hope they stay together forever, if only so we can look at him for however long this show runs.

On our next birthday, can we volunteer Evelyn's friend to plan our soiree? Before the party even began, Suzie gave Evelyn what she says is the best vibrator on the market. Typical Suzie. But any party that includes strippers, cake, candy, and a brand new white Maserati -- we are in. Plus, we got to check out the inside of Chad Ochocinco's beautiful mansion. How many groupies do you think have been on that pole of his? Were going to shoot anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000.

All we could think was, how pissed do you think Shaunie is that Evelyn gets to clown, yet at her party, shit went down. Oh yeah, that rhymed. It is National Poetry Month, after all.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.