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Basketball Wives Episode 7: World War Jennifer vs. Evelyn Begins

Ciao, bella! On last night's episode, the ladies of Basketball Wives have finally arrived in Rome, Italy. Remember their last trip to Madrid, Spain, which included fashion week festivities, Royce Reed almost dying of a phantom illness, and a midday brawl between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada? So we can only imagine how their trip to Italy's capital is going to go.

On their first official day out on the town, as they walk out of the hotel, it seems to be going well. Actually, they all leave as a group and it looks like everyone is all smiles. Then, without fault, Tami feels the need to start talking shit about Meeka Claxton. Yes, Tami, we get it: You hate Mrs. Claxton. She even informs her at lunch: "Meeka, I will just tolerate you." So we guess everyone is now aware of her feelings on the subject.

And then, right after Tami is done gossiping, Meeka decides to speak about Tami and Royce to Suzie Ketcham. Suzie is now the reality show version of a bisexual: She is playing both sides. She actually might be the MVP of the show, because she was even starting shit between these ladies overseas. She won't even let a body of water come between her and her hearsay.

Here is the thing about Suzie: She is silent but deadly. She might stay in the background and keep quiet, but just know that there is a very good chance whatever you are telling her, it's like telling a parrot: It will get repeated. Tami learned this at cooking class when Ashley Walker (AKA Rafer Alston's fiancé) let her know she didn't appreciate what Tami had apparently said about her. We will give you one guess who told her.

The thing about Tami is that she isn't the only one who is anti-Meeka, which was made very apparent at the winetasting when they ventured outside of Rome for endless amounts of vino and some lunch. For some reason, Mrs. Claxton didn't go. Why she was not there is still unclear, but both meals were spent on one topic and one topic only: Meeka, Meeka, and some more Meeka.

We might ride a unicorn to work tomorrow, because a day we never thought would come has arrived: Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada are less than perfect BFFs. When we watched Evelyn listen to the interview Jennifer had done in Cincinnati regarding Chad Ochocinco (Evelyn's fiancé), it was like a bull looking at a red cape: The lady was ready to attack.

If there is one thing we learned tonight, it's that you don't mess with Evelyn's man. It will only lead to her verbally assaulting you before mama Shaunie O'Neal swoops in and tries to save the day.

Can we just note: Does anyone not think Ochocinco is a media whore?


VH1 is about to give us a full-blown heart attack. The episode ends with Jennifer crying her eyes out, Evelyn not answering the door, a "To Be Continued," and then a preview for next week that includes Tami versus Meeka and a fight that Shaunie explains as, "All I saw was butts flying." Can it be next Monday already?

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