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Basketball Wives, Episode 7: Chad Ochocinco Loves Evelyn Lozada

So very much went down on last night's Basketball Wives episode, we're not sure where to start. First, it is kind of insane that Shaunie O'neal and Gloria Govan hate each other so much. Well, Gloria hates everyone, but the mother of the pack, Shaunie, seems to be cool with one and all ... accept Gloria. We guess she can't forgive or forget the fact that Gloria's sister slept with Shaq.

Love was in the air two weeks in a row for Miss Evelyn Lozada. We get to

see Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn's love in full bloom and apparently, they

met via Twitter (so romantic). This only makes us want to get so much

better at social media ASAP so we can get an athlete of our very own.

They even have a little date on Skype because he of course plays

football in Cincinnati, Ohio. Evelyn states to Jennifer

Williams, "Its not like I'm going to marry the guy" when referencing

Chad. Be careful what you wish for ladies!

The boys of Basketball Wives have really been making a name for themselves. Last week, Eric Williams and his teeth stole the show, and this episode, Matt Barnes is in the spotlight. Allegedly, he was arrested for domestic violence. But Gloria said it was just an argument that got a little heated. Charges were dropped and all seems to be well in the Barnes's household, but let us note: They still aren't married. Trouble in paradise perhaps.

Out in L.A., Suzie and Gloria are officially friends. So much in fact, Suzie went out to go see her in the Hollywood hills. Good to know she has two people in her corner at least: her fiancé and Suzie.  But we want to be the first ones to say what we think a lot of fans are thinking to: Hey VH1, don't think your fooling us. We see how forced their friendship is. Nice try though.

Evelyn admitted last week she was a teen mom when she had her daughter Shaniece. They do kind of look more like sisters than mother and daughter, and let us be mad in jealously that we weren't that pretty at 17-years-old.

Shaunie decides to take the ladies to lunch and surprise them with a trip to Spain. A few things come out: Royce Reed spills that Gloria thinks the women don't like her because she is Mexican (so what? Evelyn is Puerto Rican). And post lunch, Evelyn decides to get an early start on packing where Shaunie and Evelyn admit that they think Tami Roman' s style is a hot ass mess. Thank God finally someone brought this to light. We would like to say that the her and Reed's style isn't just bad--It's pretty horrific. VH1 really needs to up their wardrobe budget.

Next week, the girls hit the town of Madrid hard, Tami and Evelyn get ghetto in the middle of the streets, and Shaunie and Royce come to blows. Mmm, its going to be loco in Espana.

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