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Basketball Wives Episode 6: Shopping for Dildos and Booking Vacations

If we could be anything in the world, we would be a basketball wife. Based on last night's episode of Basketball Wives, it kind of feels like all they do is walk down Lincoln Road, chill at each other's apartments, guzzle wine, and wear earrings that we have only seen in shops in Hialeah. They also like to shop for luxury cars. Must be nice.

As they live the high life, Royce Reed dons booty shorts, a sports bra, high socks, and a hat that says "country girl"? Well, that's not so nice. More like embarrassing.

Speaking of, we aren't sure what to think of Royce's boyfriend, who we like to call Big Brian. Suzie Ketcham thinks he's a con man and happened to notice, in her words, "He looks at your vagina more than he looks at your face. He's thirsty!"

We are really loving Jennifer Williams this season. She's funny, going on dates, and buying dildos left and right. It's great. On last night's show, she and Evelyn Lozada shop at Miami's Pleasure Emporium for swag for her upcoming divorce party. And apparently, if sex toys were degrees, Evelyn would have a Master's in dildos. Interesting.

And for the first time in three seasons, we see Jennifer and Evelyn be anything but perfect little buddies. Apparently, Jennifer let Evelyn's friend and the entire city of Cleveland know that she doesn't like Ochocinco while being on a radio show.

We kind of got the feeling something was up when we interviewed her. She informed us that she had never really hung out with the soon to be newlyweds. We remember thinking to ourselves, "wait - what? How have you not met your bestie's boo?"

It looks like another girl trip is on the way! They're headed to Rome this time. Why is it these ladies love to travel so far for their girl trips? We feel like Cabo San Lucas is a more appropriate place for their booze-filled vacays. Remember the last trip to Barcelona where they pretty much fought from the minute the plane landed, Tami and Evelyn got in a brawl, and Royce almost died? 

Well, we don't have to worry about Royce this time 'round. All except Suzie vote to not invite Royce. They're iffy on Meeka Claxton, but decide to give her a chance. Now we have to worry about Meeka and Tami Roman possibly getting into a physical altercation abroad. Well, we might like that.

Six of the ladies head out to dinner and shit is already off to a great start. Tami has a serious scowl and couldn't look more upset to be so goddamn close to Meeka. Tami confronts her about the polo match brawl. She even announces that she plans to spend the next seven days not speaking to Meeka at all. We can only hope she means "yelling," when she says, "not speaking."

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