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Basketball Wives, Episode 5: Cocktails Get Catty

If there is one thing we have learned about these this season of basketball wives, it's that there is no shame in their game. Only days before, they were physically assaulting one another (or trying to at least). And on last night's episode, they just have a nice little day at the pool sipping cocktails like nothing happened.  It is literally the most entertaining thing to watch grown woman sit around and kill each other with their eyes. One person who doesn't play around? Miss Tami Roman.

Were we the only ones whose mouth dropped opened when she said
was ignoring the fact that Jennifer Williams was there? Tami doesn't play one bit. We don't see their little fight at the charity event being their last.  As she said, "If we were on a cruise ship and there were only two life vests... I would steal hers so she could drown." We mean, wow.  And then to see her recovering from her lipo (which was gross to watch, by the way) and Jennifer bring her flowers. All together now: Awwwww!

And was it just us or is Royce Reed's boyfriend kind of a douche? It's hitting us out of no where, but he is pretty freaking annoying -- which is a weird realization as it wasn't his first time on the show. And he is the one that picked the designers for the fashion show? Baby Jesus, that was a hot ass mess.

The shit really hit the fan in episode five with Jennifer and Eric Williams. First, Eric doesn't seem like he gives two shits that they are no longer going to be married. He is talking about ending his marriage like we order a #2 at McDonalds. Second, the details of his cheating come out. Jennifer says before they were even married, a girl flew out to "see" him while he was playing in San Antonio. Cheating on you pre-wedding? Shit, no wonder you're sitting in the therapist office right now.

Oh, bitches. Who wasn't shocked none of the ladies were at Royce's fashion show/charity event? Let's not even call that a fashion show. People who were clothed happened to be walking down a runway but the similarities end there. We have to give Miss Reed some credit -- her dancing has obviously improved. And after her little YouTube sensation, this is a good thing. And unlike last season, she has finaly gotten some balls. Big enough to call out Evenlyn Lozada and Jennifer right to their faces. Oh lord, we see this tension heating up quick.

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