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Basketball Wives Episode 4: Tempers Run High at Polo

We knew last night's episode of Basketball Wives was going to be good when Royce Reed told Rafer Alston's fiancée Ashley Walker, "I'm not ghetto, but I'm hood." So that means what exactly? While she tries to explain the Evelyn Lozada brawl from the last episode, from we understand, it means: you throw a drink on me, I'll throw a drink on you. 

If there is one thing these ladies need to learn from our new favorite

politician AKA Anthony Weiner, it's that Twitter is your own worst

enemy. We mean, honestly: Jennifer Williams and Evelyn have both had

nude pics that have been tweeted to death. Now it seems Royce following

Jennifer's ex, Eric Williams, is causing a big ol'riff in the group. Who

knew verbal and physical violence could all start from some good old

social media? Mark Zuckerberg would be proud.

So, did Evelyn have her daughter Shaniece at seven? Ok, when we really do the math, if her daughter is 17 and she is 35, she had her 18, which isn't too bad (and would make MTV proud). But watching her daughter is kind of like watching a unicorn.

Really, she is a proud mother but throws glasses at chic Midtown restaurants on the regular? Our mom's priorities were merlot, Oprah, and taking us to soccer. We guess every mom is different.

Now for Eric Williams. Where do we start? Since the beginning of our time watching Basketball Wives, we have thought this man was a shady, but it got worse. First, who could trust a man with those enormous teeth? Also, his voice is very "sex operator" to us.  Why does every sentence of his end with "ya know" or "ya dig?" We don't dig or know you, Mr. Williams and we don't care too.

So here's what we learned tonight: These ladies will fight just about anywhere. Bars, clubs, foreign countries, and even polo matches: it's all one fair bitch-beating game. Let us explain. It all started out innocent enough with a gorgeous Miami day on the beach with some polo, which usually is one of the classiest events in Miami. Nope, not this time.

Our favorite part has to be when Tami Roman decides that, "hey girls--let's just act civil, okay?" That's like going on a trip and saying, "Hey airline, try not to be late today." Just saying that is asking for your flight to be canceled. In terms of the ladies, it means serious fists will fly.

If you really watched this episode, Tami's faces are so classic, wish we could frame them and give them as Christmas gifts. She is pissed from the minute they all get together at this polo event and you know shit is about to hit the fan.

Meeka Claxton accused Tami of being drunk, Tami talked back, they all all talked about how classy of an event it was and this all led to them almost getting a fist fight. And nothing says "what a great day" like leaving a classy event with all of them having a "crap, we started another fight" face on.

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