Basketball Wives, Episode 3: When Broads Break Bread

On last night's episode three of Basketball Wives, a lunch finally comes to blows. Suzie and Gloria's nice day of lunching to discuss the ladies turns into a full-blown ambush by the Wives. The highlight of the entire episode had to be when Suzie explains to Gloria that the ladies occasionally "pop up" wherever she is.  Yeah, apparently.

Shaunie's ass barely hits the seat before she starts yelling at Gloria.

In the first 15 seconds of the conversation, it is stated by both that

they indeed hate one another. The question is pretty clear to

Gloria: Why did her fiancé call off the wedding? Well, she says she just

didn't "feel like it."

When she explains why she and Matt Barnes didn't get

married, we kind of understand the whole stress from moving from the

Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers thing. But we

all just think Matt probably wanted to creep on other ladies for a

little while longer too.

We think this show is so popular for one reason and one reason only: they go from glamour to ghetto in a matter of seconds. Only on the Real Housewives of New Jersey have we seen "ladies" verbally assault each other at a dinner table like it ain't no thang.

Something we definitely don't understand is Shaunie's living situation. She lives in L.A. and Miami, but her kids are in Orlando but Shaq plays for Boston? We met Suzie's new man Jared, who plays for the Miami Dolphins. He is very cute and we completely get why she is loving his 22-year-old ass. If they all hate groupies and NBAers lifestyles in general, why do they all only allow athletes to penetrate them?

Does anyone else think that VH1 is paying Jennifer and Eric to stay together? He is constantly suggesting divorce and when she admits she isn't happy in her situation, he suggests she gets out of it. Either get yourself a new athlete like the rest of them or keep your big man around. Girl, it's time to get your shit together.

It's episode three and these bitches have still not eaten a meal together without drama. Even the first dinner with Tami is when the infamous "food stamp" ("I have never seen a food stamp" - Jennifer Williams") comment was made. And the last lunch of the episode really shows that at the end of the day, Evelyn hates Suzie because she feels played. And everyone should know: Don't mess with a woman scorned. 

We are most definitely looking forward to next week. Tami goes super nuts and Jennifer finally excepts divorce. Which by the way, anyone notice that she has never actually said the word? Mrs. Williams needs to accept the fact that saying "going our separate ways" still means the big D word.

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