Basketball Wives Episode 3: Evelyn Lozada Brawls with Royce Reed

We know. We know. The last thing you want to read about after the Heat's loss on Sunday is basketball, but thankfully, Basketball Wives has very little to do with dunks and hoops. On last night's third episode, we learned if there is one event we hope to attend in our life, it's a party with former Heat dancer and cast member Royce Reed.

Why you might ask? Well, it looks like girl knows how to have a good time. Need to be reminded? Well, check out the YouTube video that made her famous. And her pool party on last night's show was a small reminder of that. Shots, seafood and shaking booties. We almost forgot that the Heat lost. We said almost.

How's it goinn with new cast member Meeka Claxton? Well we think she is going to be a favorite of ours. She has really great style. Like the rest of the ladies, she loves herself some life-sized earrings. Oh and she admitted that there is a good chance she talked shit on Royce because she was too blacked out remember it. Girl, we hate to admit we know how that feels.

Another reason we die for her? She is stirring the pot better than any chef we know. Everyone has something to say about her which says something about  Mrs. Claxton. Only after three episodes she has everyone in a huff? Nice job, keep it up!

Speaking of style, are we just to ignore the fact that Royce wore a bikini top and heels to a park when she and Suzie Ketcham discussed her lunch with Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada? So very bougie, Royce. But have to give her a little credit: Her new man is pretty hot.

So, they made us wait till the third episode, but we finally got us some Chad Ochocinco. We love ourselves a media whore, and Mr. Eighty Five is no different.  And the fact that they want twins, two boys actually, just makes them more ridiculous.  Watching them together, we actually kind of think they are in love (i.e we don't think they are doing this for the media attention as much as we did before).

And then there was the make-up dinner between Royce and Evelyn and Jennifer with Suzie as the peacemaker. Well, making up was the intention, but that's actually not what went down. At all, actually. It might be the first time Midtown Miami has ever seen anything like this. We mean, really? Who is throwing drinks and getting loud 100 feet away from one of the best Targets in Miami? We know we aren't.

Right off the bat you knew shit was about to hit the fan. Royce begins the evening with informing Evelyn that she doesn't like her or her ways. And Evelyn lets her know that she agrees.  This only leads to Royce also informing Jennifer that she does like her, but she thinks her XXX pics were leaked by Jen herself. So yeah, if you can tell, this convo didn't go well.

So badly in fact, it ends with Evelyn throwing her glass like her Ochocinco throws a football and Royce returns the favor. With a little security intervention, we think it's safe to safe these two won't be doing drinks again.

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