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Basketball Wives Episode 2: Kenya Bell's YouTube Video Causes Nightmares

Within just a few minutes of Basketball Wives episode numero dos, we knew for sure that the love that once was between Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada was over. As our mother would say, it's gone to hell in a handbasket. Or, as Evelyn would and did say, Jennifer is no longer "a motherf***ing factor" in her life.

This supposed blog Williams (and/or her publicist) wrote apparently is not something the former friendship can recover from. Mental note: Never write down that you and Evelyn don't date the same type of men. If she finds out, she will cut you.

Then there's Royce Reed. Oh, where do we begin? We have interviewed her a couple of times, and she does seem like a nice enough girl. But why is she trying to pretend she doesn't love the attention she gets at all of these appearances, interviews, gigs and such? You eat that shit up, girl. Don't act like you don't.  And another thing: Stick to your day job, because watching you "act" has us cringing in embarrassment. But we guess not everyone shares our opinion -- she did get the part.

Also: Miss Royce is in love once again. What is this, man number 38? How is it even possible that we've seen her date so many dudes, yet the show has only been on four seasons?

Next point of order: the Kenya Bell video. When Suzie brought this video to light, you might have thought to yourself, "It cant be that bad... right?" It's no secret that Kenya's attempting to jump start her music career. And much like Royce's acting career, we suggest she doesn't. Check out this video. (Warning: May cause nightmares.)

See? Suzie wasn't just talking shit. (Not this time, anyway.) And can we point out how funny it is that Kenya is so quick to call Jennifer "bougie," yet her team looks straight off the island of misfit toys?

Even with all the hilarity, though, things got pretty intense last night. Were we the only ones shocked to discover we had the grab the tissues? We're only at episode two! It's kind of surreal when you see baddass Evelyn become emotional when she speaks of her brother in law. Especially because just a few scenes later, she's verbally assaulting poor Chad Ochcocinco. Yes, she somehow made him the victim. But if our man was rumored to be cheating on us every 30 minutes, we too might bring the fire. But on that note...

When Ochocinco says he is a "work in progress" and there will be "minor mishaps," what does that mean exactly? Because to us, that sounds like code for, "Maybe I'll stop messing around with groupies one day. But probably not today." If he keeps that up, he should watch out that for pretty little face of his. We all know Evelyn isn't afraid of a fight.

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