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Basketball Wives, Ep. 2: Catfights, Counseling, and Craigslist

On last night's Basketball Wives, things started off big. Then there was Gloria, who by the way, most of the ladies hate with a passion. At least she is actually on the way to being a wife with her engagement to barely famous Kevin Barnes. Or was she engaged to him? We learned last night that her beau called off the wedding, but we're reading they are still together. Mmmm, what's the scoop? Like our mama always says, "Where there is smoke, there is a fire."

A few new ladies entered the picture last night as well. How long will

they stay around? Who knows, but here is some details on them:

Juli Richmond: Married to Mitch Ritchmond for 16 years. For a marriage, especially one in the NBA, that is impressive. She "have been knowing" (yes, direct quote) Shaunie since Shaq played in LA.

Kim Russell: Married to Bryon Russell for 16 years as well. We immediately like her with her advice on marriage, "If you don't have sex in your marriage, you have no marriage." That is some great knowledge. Watch out, Dr. Phil.

Okay, get ready kids: This is going to be an entire season of Jennifer complaining about her piece-of-shit-marriage. We get it: You and Eric are fucked up. Pack your shit and go or find you a new man, honey. We have plenty of athletes here in Miami! It is kind of sad to watch her cry over him... but here is a way to feel better about the situation: Go to the ATM and look at your balance.

We don't want to hate on Royce. Well, yes we do. We would love if she could improve on a few things:
1. Her style: It's atrocious.
2. Her dancing: seen this video yet?
3. Parenting Skills: Dude, where is her kid? Wait, where are any of these ladies children?

But we will forget all of if we can just watch her walk next to Suzie for the rest of the season--Royce is such a nugget and Suzie is tall glass of water, it really is comical.

Tami's family therapy is a lot like when your drunk and your best friend tells you their pregnant: What a buzz kill. It's been a long time since we have seen two people hate each other so much.  Well, we always have Suzie and Evenlyn. Or Tami's new friendship with her ex's new wife. That can't go well, right?

We also meet Ashley Walker, Rafer Alston's girlfriend and baby mama. The rumor on the street is that she put Jennifer's friends number on Craiglist. That is ridiculously funny, by the way, so thank you. And next week also looks to bring on some surprises. Doing a sneak attack on Suzie with the entire group of girls while she is out to lunch with Gloria? Oh, yeah. This is going to be awesome.

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