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Basic Instinct and Showgirls Writer Joe Eszterhas's Next Script About Miami Lust

Holy K-Y Jelly! Joe Eszterhas, the William Fuckner of Hollywood scriptwriting responsible for such sex and camp thrillers as Basic Instinct, Sliver, Jade, and, of course, Showgirls, is back. And his return from abstinence (at least in screenwriting) involves the Magic City as the setting for his next lurid story, Lust. That's right. Lust.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Eszterhas penned the script for producer Scott Steindorff and that the two will be pitching (and catching, we suspect) it in Cannes later this year as they try to drum up $30 million to start shooting in the summer. They'll be looking to cast Lust before then. Hey, we hear Elizabeth Berkley will be in town in a couple of weeks. Just saying.

Reports are that Eszterhas has upped the ante with his latest script

which we can only assume means he's looking to get more neked bodies in

this film than before, and that's saying something. Instead of a

love triangle (a la Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas and Jeanne

Tripplehorn in Basic Instinct, or Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, and

Gina Gershon in Showgirls) Eszterhas' latest reportedly involves a

love quadrangle with a Miami magazine editor, his adulterous wife, an LA

playboy, and his love-crushed sexy Russian assistant. Yup, that sounds like an Eszterhas flick.

This is how the Hollywood Reporter describes the plot:

A cross between Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, Lust centers on a

30-year old beauty who is married and in love with an older Miami-based

fashion magazine publisher, only to be seduced by a younger charming

playboy on a business trip in Los Angeles. The playboy has an Russian

assistant who is in love with him, and in this twisted jealous love

triangle, secretly videotapes him and his new lover having sex to show

it to her husband.

The consequences of the woman's impulsive, escapade unravel into a high

suspense thriller promising plenty of steamy sex scenes, set against the

backdrop of the high-stakes world of real estate brokering in Miami.

What can we say, we're excited. And you know what we mean.

In case you're too young to know Eszterhas's work. Check out a couple previews from two of his better (known) movies (NSFW).

This next preview is from Showgirls. Think Staying Alive with nudity and even worse acting.

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