Art Basel Miami Beach

Basel Brought The Box to Nikki Beach

There was plenty of imported NY snatch traipsing around Miami for Basel, but perhaps the most famous receptacle of naughty body parts designed to give you pleasure was the aptly named The Box. Straight from the Lower East Side and towing a reputation for providing some of the most naughty, avant-garde entertainment that can make the most jaded New Yorker cream with (cleverly disguised) joy.

We'd already seen a similar Big Apple show in Spiegelworld, and being such a huge hit, it wasn't a huge surprise that The Box was one of the most buzzed-about nightlife events of Basel. Buzz because of the promised taboo nature of the performances (burlesque, aerialists, contortionists, etc), but just as much chatter because of the steep $100 general admission. I guess raunch knows no recession. Hell, I know raunch knows no recession because people packed Nikki Beach for The Box's entire three-day run.

I saw the show Friday and was surprised by the crowd's reaction to the spectacle. The audience was entranced by the performances and certainly loosened up as the night went on, but spectators began the night just kinda staring at the marauding studs in chaps and gyrating gals in hot pants. I didn't expect the crowd to exactly go nuts over it, but since when is T&A and spot-lit hedonism not enough to make a Miami crowd cheer?

A girl/boy/boy trio simulated sex while suspended over the audience, one sultry songstress stripped, and another guy proved a thong isn't always a bad idea at Nikki Beach. What didn't happen was the notorious ode to R. Kelly that allegedly makes Dave Chappelle's "Pee on Me" skit look like a Sesame Street segment. Maybe next year.

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Raina McLeod
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