Bait 3D: Shark Slaughter Flying at Your Face For One Night Only

If Shark Week didn't chill your bones enough to stay safely landlocked at Miami Beach without even sticking so much as a toe in the water, you'll definitely think twice about hopping in the ocean after watching Bait 3D. The Jaws-channeling 3D feature will show for one time only at the AMC Aventura on Thursday, September 13 -- if, that is, enough Miami shark slasher film fans buy tickets in advance.

For fans of gore, Bait 3D is a sure-to-please slasher flick, if the term "slasher flick" can also be applied in reference to life-size rows of jagged Great White shark teeth. The plot setup is as such: A freak tsunami overtakes a coastal town, trapping a group of attractive youngsters inside a submerged grocery store with a ravenous 12-foot great white. Let the carnage ensue.

The movie stars Xavier Samuel, Sharni Vinson, and Julian McMahon, who you might recognize from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Step Up 3D, and Fantastic Four, respectively. On second thought, maybe you won't recognize them. But they do make for very attractive "bait."

The film is listed as rated R, and folks, be warned: In the trailer, a man is grotesquely gnawed in half while hanging from a water pipe, while an ill-fated chihuahua serves as a furry appetizer. And that's not even in 3D yet.

If 74 horror-hungry shark fans sign up to attend by this Thursday, Bait 3D will be shown Sept 13 as a special screening brought to Miami by KeepItClassic.com and Tugg. The one-time screening will take place at 9:30 p.m. at the AMC Aventura 24. Tickets cost $12 and can only be purchased online at tugg.com/titles/bait-3d.

Call 305-466-9880 or visit tugg.com.

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