Bad Girls Kristen Auctions Herself Off to Bail Cat Washington Out of Jail

Anyone can be a girl that happens to do bad things. But getting a DUI or having a one night stand (or twelve) will definitely put you on the road to bona fide badass-ness. Does that qualify you for Cultist's favorite reality show, Bad Girls Club? Even more to the point, what exactly does it take to be a Bad Girl by Oxygen's standards? Well, apparently, it takes an arrest for possession of drugs with intent to manufacture and deliver. Or ho-ing yourself out for a good, er, bad cause.

For any of you ladies that might have tried out for season six, we suggest you step up your illegal game to really get the producers' attention. We reported last month that Catya "Cat" Washington was arrested for pretty serious charges and received a harsh bail to match -- $500,000.00 to be exact. Luckily for her, she has some fellow Bad Girls on her side.

On the reunion, we learned that Cat and castmate Kristen had become besties during their season here in Miami. And lucky for Cat, who is famous for quitting while on vacation in Jamaica, Blondie takes their friendship very seriously. Kristen is coming to Cat's rescue by auctioning herself on the Internet to raise money to hopefully bust her out of the clink. And if the date is anything like the auction, it's going to be a really classy affair. For those interested in a three-hour date with Kristen and raising cash for Cat's bail, you can place bids on datebadgirlblondie@gmail.com.  Wow. They set up a Gmail account and everything. Impressive. Contest

runs through Christmas Day. What a great gift to receive this holiday

season! Happy Bidding.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.