Bad Girls Club Miami's New Cast Member: Who's That Girl?

Bad Girls Club Miami is

the gift that keeps on giving. With so

many fights, drunken moments, and girls with daddy issues, it forces us

to tune in week after week. And just when you think it can't get any better/worse: It's about to.

Listen up, Bad Girl fans: The house is going to get some fresh meat tonight! Not only is there a possibility that our girl Kristen is heading home,

but we've already suffered from the loss of Morgan. Will the new girl last more than 72 hours,

i.e. will we have a new Morgan? Will she be a hair-puller, a puncher, or a slapper? If you can't wait the 12 hours to learn more about the new girl, see the sneak peek video below.

In our interview with Miami's Miss Lea,

she mentioned that she and the new girl had just hung out in Cali. But regardless if the ladies take her as a friend or foe, we know her presence is

going to cause a stir. Proactive Solution-needing Erica lets us know in

tonight's preview that living in the house is far from perfect (no shit,

Sherlock) and the addition of a new ho' isn't going to be pretty. Adding a new bad girl to the cast of crazies also means the house gets a new mannequin. We wish her and plastic

friend all the luck in the world. (Bitch, you both are going to need it.)

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